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NePoPo® Seminar New York February 4th 2023 Forest Hills NYC

FOREST HILLS, NYC New Dog Training Seminar February 4th 2023, How Dogs Learn in NePoPo® and Animal Welfare Laws. This is an obedience training lecture for all. In the Seminar we cover from puppy stages to adult dogs.

The topics covered are:
✅ What is the NePoPo® Dog Training system?
✅ What is Obedience Dog Training?
✅ What does a dog consider self rewarding?
✅ What is Clicker Training?
✅ Can my dog be a Service Dog?
✅ Classical Conditioning vs Operant Conditioning meaning?
✅ Ivan Pavlov vs B.F Skinner who are they?
✅ Animal Welfare Laws and dog training.
✅ How to prepare a dog for grooming.
✅ Puppy Raising and Separation Anxiety.
✅ Make unwanted behaviors go away.
✅ Make good behaviors happen again, and more frequently.
✅ Positive vs Negative Reinforcement.
✅ Positive vs Negative Punishment.
✅ Is E-collar Training beneficial?
✅ Direct vs Indirect Rewarding system, what does this mean?

🧠 what is your definition of dog training?

We can all agree that owning dogs is a life style, and NePoPo® is a dog training system where the dog learns to do the behavior on cue, always with heart and soul.

Discussions and Questions Welcomed!

February 4th How Dogs Learn in NePoPo® and Animal Welfare Laws Dog Training Seminar

Robert Rodriguez
Canine Nutritionist
NePoPo® Certified Trainer
AKC Evaluator & Temperament Tester
IACP Legislative Department Animal Welfare

Forest Hills Dog Owners Group NYC:

Last seminar was filled with eager learners. I am looking forward to teaching future students who want to learn professional obedience dog training.